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Recent Publications and Studies about Geri-Fit Answer
How long will it take to see results when taking the Geri-Fit class? Answer
Are the instructors certified? Answer
How do I pay for a class that I reserved online? Answer
Is Geri-Fit safe to do? Answer
If I know I'm going to be missing classes, can I make them up? Answer
Will the class start all over again each month? Answer
How many people are in a Geri-Fit class? Answer
I read about the Geri-FitŪ class. Where is this class offered? Answer
Am I able to bring my caregiver to class? Answer
What if I have arthritis? Will I still be able to do Geri-Fit? Answer
What can I expect at the first class? Answer
Will my personal information be shared with other companies? Answer
Do I need a doctor's ok in order to take Geri-Fit exercise classes? Answer
How do instructors do initial (and ongoing) screenings to determine if the Geri-FitŪ program is appropriate for the student? Answer
I'm 59-years-old. Am I too young for Geri-Fit? Answer
I have bad knees. Can I do Geri-Fit? Answer
Have any clients provided feedback, testimonials or comments about the Geri-Fit program and how it has helped them? Answer
Does Geri-Fit offer Gift Certificates? Answer
What does a facility need to adequately host Geri-Fit? What equipment? What staff support? Answer
Am I able to sign up at two different locations during the same month? Answer
I registered for a class term but didn't make it to any of the classes. Can I get a refund? Answer
I don't like using my credit card over the internet. Is secure? Answer
I forgot my user name and password. Answer
Do I have to be in already good shape to enroll? Answer
I have registered myself online and would like to now register a friend. What is the process? Answer
I have never tried exercising with weights before. How will I know if I like it? Can I try a free class?? Answer
What size weights should I bring? Answer
Is there a list of all the NCOA evidence-based exercise programs? Answer
Are classes held twice-a-week or three times-a-week? Answer
I'm interested in purchasing a License for the Geri-Fit exercise program. Where do I find information about that? Answer
I am only able to take 5 maybe 6 classes. How do I register for something like that? Answer
I registered online but did not receive a receipt. How can I get one? Answer
Are there any rules or instructions that class participants must follow? Answer
To run a Geri-Fit program, does the facility need to purchase a license or can they just have a trained and certified instructor teach the class? Answer
I'm interesting in furthering my career and learning the Geri-Fit program. Do you offer training to the public? Answer
I signed up for classes but was not able to attend all of the classes. Can I make them up? Answer
I can't find the answer to my question on your Help Desk. Answer
Are Geri-Fit classes covered under Medicare, Medicaid, Kaiser Permanente or other insurance companies? Answer
Is there an out-of-pocket cost to seniors and do they need a doctor's letter for the insurance to cover the cost? Answer
What is the average age of a Geri-Fit participant? Answer
What insurance companies recognize Geri-Fit classes? Answer
What should I wear to class? Answer
Is Geri-Fit a certified woman-owned business? Answer
How did Geri-Fit receive its evidence-based rating? Answer
How do I know if Geri-Fit is covered under my health insurance plan? Answer
Do you offer walk-ins or pay-as-you-go plans? Answer
Is Geri-Fit covered under SIlver&Fit? Answer
When was the Geri-Fit program developed? Answer
My facility currently offers the Silver Sneakers program. Can we still offer Geri-Fit? Answer
Do you accept people in the Geri-Fit class that are using canes or walkers? Answer
How long should someone take Geri-Fit classes? Answer
What is Geri-Fit? Answer
What does the Geri-Fit name mean? Answer
What kind of results can I expect to get if I take Geri-Fit? Answer
If our facility doesn't want to purchase a license but still wants to offer Geri-Fit classes, what are our options? Answer
Is Geri-Fit recognized by any governmental organizations? Answer
What type of performance measures are used in the Geri-Fit program? Answer
How can I find out more about getting licensed to offer the Geri-Fit program? Answer
Where is the Geri-Fit exercise program offered? Answer
How do I sign in after I have activated my account? Answer
What is the Geri-Fit program? Answer