Strength Training Workouts That Work!       

Geri-Fit is an evidence-based health promotion program for older adults

Instructor License Facility License Blanket Licenses (AAA's) Public Performance

We offer four distinct licensing options so that you can offer this award-winning evidence-based health promotion exercise program to your community, members or residents. Click on the link below or the picture above for the type of License that's appropriate for you or fill out this form to receive a license quote:  Quote for Facility License.

  • Facility License: Facilities such as senior centers, congregate meal sites, retirement communities or fitness clubs can purchase a license for the Geri-Fit® exercise program and have their own instructors teach class. Title IIID OAA (Older Americans' Act) federal funding is available to Area Agencies on Aging, senior centers and non-profits that qualify.

  • Instructor License: Instructors can purchase individual licenses and find their own locations to teach class. This license is most suitable for career-minded individuals that want to start their own business or are already teaching fitness classes as a contractor or vendor.


  • Blanket Licenses (AAA's): This type of license is available to Area Agencies on Aging, county health departments, statewide aging networks, and other organizations that have a blanket area or a network of multiple sites that are already offering evidence-based health promotion / disease prevention programs, CDSME programming, and/or fall prevention courses. Blanket licenses must have a minimum of 10 sites in order to receive the discounted 60% discount.


  • Public Performance License (PPL): For facilities that are located in rural areas or smaller facilities, like libraries or assisted living centers, and that don't have a staff person on hand to lead a class, a PPL is a perfect way to deliver virtual fitness classes to your community residents.  You can choose to play the Geri-Fit workouts via a DVD player, or we have a new convenient online streaming called Geri-Fit Online.


Why should you offer Geri-Fit? According to a May 2018 report by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), "one in seven Americans is an older adult."   Every single day, 10,000 people turn 65 years of age making the older adult, baby boomer market the fastest-growing segment in the United States. These "baby boomers" are the 77 million Americans that were born from 1946 through 1964. This age group will turn to evidence-based strength training programs as a way to combat chronic disease, diminish muscle loss, improve their quality of life, and aid in their functional capacity as they continue to age.

According to the May/June 2018 issue of Today’s Geriatric Medicine, “research shows that progressive resistance exercise increases muscle mass by 2% to 9%, improves strength by 17% to 43%, and increases gait speed in frail older adults. Despite the known effectiveness of resistance exercise in improving function, only 10% of older adults engage in this mode of exercise at the recommended dose of two times per week.  In comparison, walking is the most consistently preferred mode of exercise among older adults, and the participation rate is double that of resistance exercise.”

Geri-Fit is a tier III (highest level) evidence-based, research-based, health promotion program and chronic disease self-management support program that concentrates on building strength and balance through progressive resistance strength training. This group exercise class is most beneficial to older adults that are over the age of 75, however, the program appeals to all senior ages and fitness levels. Geri-Fit is not a follow-the-leader type class, so the instructor will not necessarily be working out with the group. Instead, the instructor will demonstrate how to do each strength training exercise and will walk around the group and provide one-on-one correction. There's never any dancing or choreography to learn and your seniors will never have to get on the floor. Instructor to student ratio is no more than 1:25. This guarantees individual assistance within the group setting whenever it’s needed.

Most participants start out using a set of 2-pound dumbbell weights and then, as their strength quickly improves, they can use heavier dumbbells in order to challenge themselves even more. Most older adults use 4 to 5-pound dumbbells within a year's time of taking Geri-Fit on a consistent basis. Here's a brief infomercial which will show how the class is taught.

Other than sturdy chairs, there is no equipment or machinery involved. Participants are encouraged to bring their own dumbbells and stretch band to class or the facility may provide the weights and bands as a courtesy to the members.

Licensing affords you the opportunity to offer a research-based, tried and proven evidence-based exercise program that’s been thoroughly tested, reviewed, and proven to work. This turnkey approach provides you with a step-by-step workout format that takes all the guesswork out of creating a senior fitness program from scratch with measurable outcomes you can expect to replicate in a relatively short time frame. Plus, the Geri-Fit® trademark denotes quality and instant brand name recognition as a trusted evidence-based physical activity program that yields results. It's safe and effective and your seniors will just love it!

Here are a few comments from actual participants:

"My legs are much stronger now making it easier to get out of my car."

"I have been living with chronic pain most of my entire life and Geri-Fit is the only thing that makes me feel better. I could not live without my Geri-Fit." - North Olmsted, Ohio participant. Has been taking Geri-Fit for 15+ years.

"I have never stayed with a fitness program longer than 2 months. Next month will mark three years since I started taking class. It has changed my life. I especially like that every Geri-Fit session is different."

"You can feel it affects each muscle you are working on. It gets your heart rate up which is also very good. And, of course, it is the people you are with that boosts you along."

"I'm eighty-four years old.  I can honestly say that the benefits have been most noticeable.  For instance, when I accidentally dropped some change from my purse the other day, I didn't think twice about bending down and picking it up. Also, I can easily get up from my seat."

And here are some of the comments we've received from Directors at Senior Centers, Libraries, and Area Agencies on Aging: 
"In our 5 centers across the board, Geri-Fit is one of the most attended classes. We are happy to be able to offer this program to our seniors and see their strength andd balance improve." - Melissa Catlett, Director of Program Development at Brunswick Senior Resource Center, North Carolina.