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Geri-Fit license for facilities that offer group exercise classes and programs for older adults

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If you're just in the information gathering process and would like to schedule a call to discuss offering Geri-Fit at your facility / facilities, send us an instant text message by using our Contact Us link.  

Geri-Fit is an ideal evidence-based group strength training exercise program for any place that offers physical activity programs for older adults. Any older adult can participate regardless of their age or physical condition. To put it simply, Geri-Fit is a bodybuilding exercise program that uses dumbbells weights (not soup cans or ankle weights, but real dumbbells.) By using weights of various poundages, the progressive resistance exercise program works to build back muscle and strength that has been lost due to the ongoing aging process. All participants are encouraged to do the best they can with a weight that's comfortable for them to safely lift. It is not unusual for gals to start out using a set of 2 pound dumbbells but increase to using a set of 4 or 5 pound dumbbells within a year's time.  And men will see the benefits that accrue from continued workouts as well; most men will increase to using 5 to 7 and possibly 10-pound dumbbells over time.  

Licensing affords your facility the ability to offer a research-based, evidence-based strength training exercise program that's proven to work. This turnkey approach provides you with a step-by-step workout format so that you can expect the same program outcomes as published studies have shown.

As a Geri-Fit facility licensee, you'll receive:

  • Use of the Geri-Fit® logo to distinguish branding, quality, and name recognition
  • The Geri-Fit® group exercise program workouts (easy-to-follow lesson plans)
  • Access to our special online training portal so that your instructors can get properly trained and certified to teach Geri-Fit
  • Logos and marketing materials to help advertise your Geri-Fit® exercise classes
  • Class handouts and other useful literature
  • Evaluation surveys
  • Free lifetime online support
  • Ability to become a hosting site for Medicare "Silver plans" for long term program sustainability (optional)
  • A free link on our website which has your contact information for Geri-Fit® classes held at your facility
  • New for 2021... Free annual Program Fidelity training courses so that your instructors or activity specialists stay current with industry trends, IIID ongoing training requirements, and continuous quality assurance.

License fees for stand alone sites are a one-time fee of $2500 and includes the training and certification for two instructors of your choosing. After the first year, there is an annual license renewal fee of $150 for each facility where Geri-Fit classes are held. There are no other fees, royalties or hidden costs. We also offer discounted program license fees for facilities with 10 or more locations (ask about our Blanket License option) as well as a Traveling License for facilities that are unable to offer year-round classes.  We've prepared Program Summary which will help answer any questions you may have about the Geri-Fit tier level III evidence-based health promotion / chronic disease management support program.

Read some of these success letters from early adopters of Geri-Fit where it still being offered now 20 years later and with some of the same original members still attending class!  North Olmsted and Streetsboro.  This 2018 infograph shows some of the long term measurable outcomes that have been achieved with the Geri-Fit program. 

Title IIID Older Americans' Act (OAA) federal funding for Tier III evidence-based health promotion programs is available to facilities that qualify, especially senior centers, Area Agencies on Aging, and county health departments that are interested in implementing evidence-based health promotion programs or ongoing secondary support programs (physical activity programs) for chronic disease self-management, pain management, behavioral health and lifestyle change programs. Visit the National Council on Aging's website to learn more about evidence-based programs.  

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions....
Do my instructors need to be pre-certified as a group exercise leader or personal trainer in order to get certified in Geri-Fit?  No! No prior experience is required, however, familiarity with strength training exercises and bodybuilding methodology will greatly accelerate the learning process. Ideal Geri-Fit instructor candidates would be the same instructors that are currently leading your Matter of Balance classes or CDSME courses.
How will I know if my seniors will like this program?  We've prepared a handy FAQ so that your staff can answer questions quickly.
Have anymore studies been done on Geri-Fit that are more recent than the original 2012 study? In 2019, Geri-Fit teamed up with Dr. Noah Lenstra of the University of North Carolina Greensboro where 535 Geri-Fitters across the U.S. participated in a virtual fitness, three month (24 classes) DVD fitness program. To read about the study, click here.  

Preparing your documents for funding? Here are some performance measures we suggest having done prior to starting the Geri-Fit program and again after the first 12 weeks.

Do you need to replace your Bone Builders program with a tier III evidence-based program? We can train your existing group of volunteer exercise leaders in our award-winning accredited online training program, or we can fly to you and provide a one-day Master Trainer-led Geri-Fit certification!

Looking at adding fall risk assessment tools that can measure the effectiveness of all your fall prevention programs or evidence-based health promotion programs?  The BTrackS balance testing plate is an ideal performance measure to conduct on participants "before" they enroll in physical activity and "after" three months of continuous exercise.  We suggest using it for not only the Geri-Fit program, but for all evidence-based programs, including fall prevention programs. The test takes only 3 minutes and it will track progress over time! Baseline balance testing is suggested for all adults that are over the age of 60 and an annual screening test should be done each year thereafter.

Thinking about pairing Geri-Fit with another evidence-based program or chronic disease self-management program? For facilities with limited space and time, instead of offering Geri-Fit on an ongoing basis, Geri-Fit can also be offered as a 12-week "course." For instance, Geri-Fit is usually coupled with A Matter of Balance so that when AMOB graduates complete their course, they can immediately enroll into 12 weeks (24 classes) of Geri-Fit resistance training. This offers facilities the ability to rotate several different types of evidence-based programs at multi-locations on an as-needed basis.  Geri-Fit is also a great follow up to Otago, any chronic disease self-management course, or other fall prevention programs. 
Do I need to purchase equipment?  No equipment is needed other than a set of light dumbbell weights ranging in size from 2 to 5-pounds and sturdy chairs. Facilities typically have dumbbell weights available for the participants to use.  However, community stretch bands and community weights are being strongly discouraged due to virus and germ spreading.  Therefore, we recommend that everyone bring their own set of weights and stretch band to class. These can be kept in a tote bag and thrown in the back seat of a car or trunk.   Stretch bands are available at wholesale pricing through Geri-Fit. Facilities usually purchase these and then pass them out at class on day one.
Gathering info to share with your team before making a decision? View this short power point presentation for more information on how your senior center, AAA, YMCA, JCC, county health department, recreation center. non-profit or tribal organization can become licensed to offer the Geri-Fit program through OAA federal funding or other funding sources. 
Is Geri-Fit Online available if my seniors aren't ready to come back Yes, Geri-Fit Online is here to stay!  Many have found it a convenient way to get their exercise in... in the privacy of their own home.  For more information, view this helpful article

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Find out how you can make a difference in your community by offering the Geri-Fit® exercise program for older adults. If you'd like a formal quote, please fill out this Information Worksheet which will give us all the information we need in order to properly quote you. After the form is submitted, please allow up to 48-hours for a Geri-Fit representative to contact you.