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If you are interested in finding out more about the Geri-FitŪ License, please fill out this Request for More Information Form. If you have more than one location that you're interested in offering classes at, please list the facilities and their addresses in the Comments section near the end of the form. After the form is submitted to us, please allow up to 48-hours for a Geri-Fit representative to contact you.

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2019 Library Study for Virtual Fitness
Comments and Improvements
Instructor License Questions
2019 Library Study for Virtual Fitness Index
Question Answer
Has Geri-Fit presented at any conferences? Answer
Comments and Improvements Index
Question Answer
What are some of the comments you've heard from people that have completed 12 weeks of Geri-Fit? Answer
Instructor License Questions Index
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I noticed that using music is not suggested when teaching Geri-Fit. Why is that? Answer
Am I able to train my own instructors once I go through the Geri-Fit Online Training and Certification Program? Answer
If I do not renew my license, can I incorporate some of the Geri-Fit exercises into other exercise programs that I'm teaching? Answer
Can I add exercises that aren't shown or taught in the manual or online training in my Geri-Fit classes? Answer
Can I incorporate yoga or tai chi into the Geri-Fit classes that I'm teaching? Answer
How do I recruit new customers to sign up for Geri-Fit? Answer
Licensing Index
Question Answer
Recent publications and studies about Geri-Fit Answer
What materials will I receive when I purchase the Geri-Fit program License? Answer
Is the Geri-Fit program approved for remote delivery? Answer
What measures does Geri-Fit take to make sure program integrity is carried out? Answer
Are Geri-Fit classes covered under Medicare, Medicaid, Kaiser Permanente or other insurance companies? Answer
About how much will it cost to buy a Geri-Fit license for my facility? Answer
I used to own a CURVES franchise, but decided to give it up. Can I buy a Geri-FitŪ license to teach Geri-Fit? Answer
As a facility, how much money can I expect to make from offering the Geri-Fit class? Answer
I would like to get Geri-Fit certified but I am not interested in purchasing a Geri-Fit license. Can I attend Geri-Fit certification? Answer
How much is the Geri-Fit Program License? Answer
Do Geri-Fit instructors need to be certified? Answer
How much should I pay my instructors? Answer
Why would I want to buy a License or a Franchise when I can just invent my own fitness program? Answer
I understand there is a $150 annual renewal fee past the first year, but are there any royalties or Monthly Reporting required? Answer
I am a Director of a Senior Center, and I'm interested in purchasing Geri-Fit for our Center. What is involved in getting this program started? Answer
How do I get people to sign up for Geri-Fit? Answer
I own a Physical Therapy clinic and have room to have a Geri-FitŪ class. Is this something that might benefit my patients? Answer
How do I obtain Professional Liability Insurance? Answer
What is Title IIID funding and how is the Geri-Fit program part of it? Answer
What do I need in order to get started? Answer
How long will it take from the time I buy the Geri-Fit license to the time I begin to offer classes? Answer
I'm not interested in purchasing a Geri-Fit license, but I'd like to have your services brought onsite at our apartment building complex for 55 and over. Is this something that you offer and, if so, what is the cost? Answer
When I buy the Geri-Fit license, can I call my program Geri-Fit? Answer
How did Geri-Fit get started? Answer
What is a Geri-Fit Public Performance License (PPL)? Answer
Do I have to go through Geri-Fit training in order to become a licensee? Answer
Is the cost of the training and certification included with my Geri-Fit program License fee? Answer
Where can I find into about the study that was used for the evidence-based rating? Answer
Can I get my own Geri-Fit T-shirts made once I purchase the Geri-Fit license? Answer
If I buy an Instructor License, can I teach class outside the 25-mile radius to where I live? Answer
How do I find good instructors to teach the Geri-Fit program? Answer
Is there certain criteria that has to be met before participation will be granted in the Geri-Fit program? Answer
What's the average age of a Geri-Fit participant? Answer
If I purchase the Geri-Fit license, does this mean I also have to teach the classes? Answer
I currently teach a Silver Sneakers program but would also like to teach Geri-Fit. Am I able to buy a Geri-Fit license to teach Geri-Fit? Answer
If I am already certified to teach older adults exercise programs, do I still need to go through Geri-Fit training? Answer
What is the difference between an Instructor License and a Facility License? Answer
What kind of support will you offer me after I purchase the Geri-Fit License? Answer
How much money can I expect to make teaching a Geri-Fit class? Answer
How did Geri-Fit get started? Answer
We play a Richard Simmons' tape for our seniors to exercise along with. Why do I have to purchase a License in order to play the Geri-Fit dvd for our group of seniors? Answer
I am an instructor that is interested in teaching the Geri-Fit program at the gym I work. Do I buy the license or does the health club buy the license? Answer
Once I buy an Instructor License, does that mean I'll be the only instructor able to teach Geri-Fit in my city? Answer
What type of performance measures or pre-testing does the Geri-Fit program use? Answer
How do I receive the specialized training that I'll need to teach the Geri-Fit exercise class? Answer
Why should I want Geri-Fit for my club? Answer
Can I observe a class before buying a Geri-Fit license? Answer
What type of DVD training materials will I receive when I purchase a Geri-Fit license for my facility? Answer
Is Geri-Fit a falls prevention program? Answer
How big are the classes? Answer
What is the Geri-Fit program License? Answer
Will people sign up month after month to take the Geri-Fit class? Answer
Do you have a power point presentation that I can share with my Activity Director, manager, or staff? Answer
Once our facility purchases the license, are we able to train and certify our own instructors? Answer
Is the senior fitness market going to continue to grow? Answer
I used to teach PACE before they ended that program. Is Geri-Fit the same? Answer
How is monitoring of Geri-Fit program quality assured? Answer
Who will be the target market I want to reach? Answer
Do you offer any custom branding for the video / DVD that will be played at my facility? Answer
Has the Geri-Fit program been reviewed by any governmental organizations? Answer
Are there other Geri-Fit licensees that I can talk to before purchasing a Geri-Fit license? Answer
Is there some way I can learn more about Geri-Fit to see if I like it before I purchase a License? Answer
If a buy a Geri-Fit license, can I still teach my Silver Sneakers or Silver&Fit class? Answer
I've read everything there is to read and I'm interested in getting started. What's the next step? Answer
I own more than one gym and would like to offer Geri-Fit at all my gyms. Is there any break on the cost for more than one location? Answer
Can you tell me about the history of your Geri-FitŪ exercise program and its founder? Answer
What can I do to assure a good turnout once I have purchased the Geri-Fit program license? Answer
If my facility purchased a Geri-Fit license with Title IIID funding, can we still get reimbursed by Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit? Answer
How can I find out more about evidence-based health promotion programs for older adults? Answer
Can you provide me with references from other locations where Geri-Fit is offered? Answer
What information can you tell me about the requirement for senior centers to offer evidence based programs? Answer
Our senior center offers A Matter of Balance. Can we also offer Geri-Fit? Answer
If our facility doesn't want to purchase a license but still wants to offer Geri-Fit classes, what are our options? Answer
What other evidence based programs are available to my senior center? Answer
My question is not on your HELP desk. How do I get it answered? Answer
What type of insurance is needed for a Geri-Fit instructor / licensee? Answer
Is Geri-Fit considered a Packaged Program? Answer
I offer Zumba classes at our senior center. Can I offer Geri-Fit, too? Answer
Does Geri-Fit offer a Master Trainer program? Answer
If I am currently offering Silver Sneakers at my facility, can I also offer Geri-Fit and is it covered under insurance? Answer
If we're already offering A Matter of Balance, why should we offer Geri-Fit? Answer
Do you offer the option of training our future instructors here at our own facility? Answer
What is Geri-Fit Mission Statement? Answer
Why should our facility offer evidence-based programs (EBPs)? Answer
What are some of the chronic diseases that Geri-Fit may help? Answer
What type of programs are available through Title IIID Older Americans Act? Answer
What are some of the skills that are needed to become a Geri-Fit instructor? Answer
Is Geri-Fit a CDSME program? Answer
What type of funding can be used to purchase a Geri-Fit facility program license? Answer
I've never been in business before. What type of start-up costs should I expect? Answer
Where are some program outcomes that have used the Geri-Fit program? Answer
Is Geri-Fit part of the chronic disease self-management programs covered by federal funding? Answer
I took a Geri-Fit training workshop and love the concept! Can I apply what I paid for the training towards the Instructor License fee? Answer
What type of CPR certification do I need? Answer
If one of our instructors receives Geri-Fit certification, can she train and certify other instructors? Answer
Does Geri-Fit require any ongoing training or recertification for Program Fidelity? Answer
Do you have a Program Summary sheet that I can share with my supervisor? Answer
Do our instructors have to be pre-certified in group fitness or personal fitness training in order to be become certified in the Geri-Fit program? Answer
Why is it important to adhere to the lesson plans when teaching Geri-Fit? Answer
What are some of the outcomes we can expect when offering the Geri-Fit program? Answer
Does Geri-Fit support Zoom classes? Answer
Has Geri-Fit given any recorded presentations at NCOA conferences or other AAA events? Answer
Is Geri-Fit available in other languages besides English? Answer
How do my instructors register for training on Geri-Fit's website? Answer
How are Geri-Fit instructors notified that Program Fidelity Training is available? Answer
Can Geri-Fit AI be used remotely or combined with live class formats? Answer
I am a Zumba instuctor. Can I teach Geri-Fit? Answer
Information from's website February 7, 2024 Answer
How many classes do participants have to attend in order to be considered a completer? Answer
Studies Index
Question Answer
Is Geri-Fit conducting any studies in 2024? Answer