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Geri-FitŪ - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Geri-Fit Online: 3 volume set featuring one beginner, intermediate and advance online workout

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Package deal! Save $10 when you order these 3 best-selling online workouts. They include: 15 Exercises That Help to Prevent Osteoporosis and Falls (beginner); Geri-Fit Zoomers Workout (intermediate); and Greatest Generation Workout (advanced.)

Instructions are given for every fitness level -- whether this is your first time exercising or you already know how to work out with weights. You will be encouraged to work out at your own pace and do what you can. There are other people in the workout videos, so you will follow along with them... it's almost being in an actual Geri-Fit class!

We recommend starting out with a set of 2-pound dumbbell weights (that's 2-pounds in the left hand and 2-pounds in the right hand.) See how you do and, if at a later time in the future you want to increase to using 3's, 4's or possibly 5-pound dumbbells for some of the exercises, we encourage you to do so. But, build up strength slowly for at least a month before attempting to use heavier weights.

We suggest all new participants start out using a set of 2-pound dumbbells. Substitute exercises will be recommended if you need a little extra help or have physical disabilities.

Geri-Fit is recommended for all older adults who want to maintain and build their strength as they continue to age. Having more strength leads to better stature and improved balance which reduces the risks of falls. Geri-Fit is also an excellent program for managing chronic disease. You will enjoy this type of evidence-based exercise and will see results in a very short period of time.

To create an online account, go to the Sign-In link on's website. Create a User Name and Password (write it down; you'll need it later to view the workouts.) Product activation will occur within 24 hours after the purchase is made. You will receive an email from us when your account is ready. Log back in at the Sign-In page then, once you are in, you will click the words that say Start Here. It's that easy!