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What measures does Geri-Fit take to make sure program integrity is carried out?
When a facility purchases a Geri-Fit license, training and certification is included in the license fee. Each instructor is required to complete the initial accredited online training in order to receive their Certificate of Completion.

After the first year of operation, facilities will want to renew their Geri-Fit license(s). Included in the license renewal is a free continuing education course that your original instructors can take in order to stay current with their certification requirements and adhere to Geri-Fit's high program standards.

This Program Fidelity continuing education course is a little over two hours in length and is done completely online. It consists of mostly watching video snippets and includes the demonstration of additional balance and fall prevention exercises as well as advanced training techniques your instructors can incorporate into their classes. Your instructors will be able to print up their Program Fidelity Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the online training. The course does not require any tests!

Program Fidelity is a key phrase in the Title III-D Evidence Based Health Promotion (EBHP) guidelines. Completion of the Geri-Fit Program Fidelity Course will provide adherence to program fidelity, continuing education and training requirements, quality assurance, safety, and health promotion.

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