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Geri-Fit Program License for instructors interested in teaching Geri-Fit

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If you're interested in becoming licensed to start your own Geri-Fit business, read on.

Individual Instructor Licensing for GeriFit

Instructors can purchase an Individual Instructor License which allows you to teach the Geri-Fit evidence-based program at locations you cultivate within a 25-mile radius of where you live.  Some examples of license use would be if you are currently teaching Zumba, Tai Chi, or Yoga at a yoga studio or senior center and you'd like to now offer Geri-Fit.

The license allows you the right to use the Geri-Fit® trademark brand name and other intellectual property such as the evidence-based lesson plans, the client handouts, and other marketing materials that bear the Geri-Fit logo. 

As a Geri-Fit licensee, you'll receive:

  • Use of the Geri-Fit® logo to distinguish branding, quality and name recognition
  • The Geri-Fit® evidence-based group exercise program workouts and Geri-Fit® Private Lessons workouts
  • Access to our online training center so that you can get certified to teach Geri-Fit*
  • Logos, photos, and attractive marketing materials to help promote and advertise your Geri-Fit® exercise classes
  • Customized client waivers, handouts and other useful literature
  • Sample letters, proposals, contracts and agreements that you can use to effectively grow your business
  • Free online support to help answer questions you may have after you purchase the license
  • Ability to accept insurance coverage (Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit) so that seniors can take Geri-Fit classes for free (optional)
  • A free link on which has your contact information for Geri-Fit® classes held at facilities where you are teaching class

License fees are a one-time fee of $950 and includes complete training and certification for one instructor. After year one, there is an annual license renewal fee of $150. There are no other fees, royalties or hidden costs. We make it very simple to offer this turnkey program.

Individual Instructor Licensing for GeriFitFor additional questions you may have about becoming a Geri-Fit® licensee, view this short power point demonstration.  If you have any questions, click the CONTACT US link on the upper right hand side from any page on our website and a member from our team will respond back as quickly as possible.  

Find out how you can make a difference in your community by offering the Geri-Fit® evidence-based exercise program for older adults. Apply today by using our no obligation Online Application. After submitting the application, please allow up to 48 hours for a Geri-Fit representative to contact you. 


* The Geri-Fit National Instructor online training program is an accredited distance learning course that is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the National Certifying Council for Activity Professional (NCCAP), and other national certifying organizations.