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If I know I'm going to be missing classes, can I make them up?
It is important that you attend each session because new exercises will be taught at each class. Additionally, many of the centers we work through do not allow make-up classes. There are no refunds or extensions for missed classes. However, we may be able to offer you make up classes at another nearby location. This largely depends on whether the facility accepts make up classes or if the facility is a licensed Public Performance facility and carries our dvds.

If you know your schedule in advance and know you will be missing multiple classes, we can possibly pro-rate your registration fees (available on the monthly rate only), but again, this depends on the facility's rules.

All pro-rated fees must be pre-approved through our office before classes begin. Please call our office and discuss your situation with one of our customer service representatives before you attend class. Call 1-888-437-4348 x1.

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