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How do instructors do initial (and ongoing) screenings to determine if the Geri-FitŪ program is appropriate for the student?
When a student or client joins Geri-Fit the first time, we use a number of screening tools to determine if the program is appropriate for the client. This consists of range of motion tests as well as Sit-to-Stand tests, an overview of past surgeries and hospitalizations, list of medications, fall history, balance and gait issues, and other factors that help us determine if the program is appropriate.

One of the nice things about Geri-Fit is that practically anyone can take the class and this is because the program is so adaptable to any size, fitness level, medical condition or age. Participants just work out at their own pace doing as much as they can do. Before long, they'll notice that their strength is increasing dramatically and range of motion is returning.

Ongoing assessment provides a way for us to measure the results of the program. Instructors can easily see the telltale signs that each student achieves by just watching them perform the exercises and reminding them of how they were when they first started. But, we also depend on direct feedback from our clients to inform us of changes and improvements they've seen. We regularly ask, "have you noticed any improvements since you've started the Geri-Fit program?" This also sets the tune for lively conversation during class time.

It is nearly impossible for someone not to see any measurable difference if they come to every class. However, a very small percentage of people cannot do the Geri-Fit program and those affected may have extremely bad herniated discs involving sciatica running down the leg, or extremely obese students that cannot reach down to the floor to pick up their weights, or recent knee replacements that haven't had adhesions properly worked on or released. It is always best to consult with your physician before starting Geri-Fit or any other exercise program.

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