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What is Geri-Fit?
Imagine a workout that would start with some light marching in place followed by yoga, tai chi, and ballet stretches for 10 minutes, then 30-minutes of full body strength training exercises? That’s Geri-Fit! The Geri-Fit program is designed to build strength, improve range of motion, gait, and balance and is the only bodybuilding program for the older adult population. Those that have a difficult time getting out of a chair, car or couch will see an immediate improvement when taking Geri-Fit classes. The program accomodates all senior fitness levels and age groups, but its primary focus are older adults over the age of 75.

The Geri-Fit program is meant to be ongoing, so once you start, you won’t want to stop. If you do stop, you’ll revert back to being weak again and you will lose all the functional capacity that was built up during the time you were exercising with the weights.

Geri-Fit is a lifetime program that you’ll want to continue with forever. We'll teach you the exercises and stretches you’ll need to do in order to stay strong and healthy well into your golden years. Whether you choose to come to a group class or want to exercise at home using a DVD, the Geri-Fit program will keep you going so that you continue to exercise and achieve all the benefits it has to offer.

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