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Have any clients provided feedback, testimonials or comments about the Geri-Fit program and how it has helped them?
Yes! We hear positive comments every single day and we add to this HELP desk question all the time. Newer comments and testimonials are towards the bottom. If you want to email us and let us know what Geri-Fit has done for you, please use our contact page. Here are just a few of the many we've comments we've received over the years:

"I can run up the stairs again."

"I can get in and out of my granddaughter's sports car without her having to help me anymore."

"I just shot my lowest golf score in many years and I keep feeling stronger physically."

"I have less aches and pains than when I first started."

"I'm a lot more energetic than I used to be."

"I'm 82 and feel good and am having fun again."

"I notice a big difference in my legs and thighs -- mainly while walking. I know my legs are stronger. Geri-Fit is a very good program."

"I walk with a walker and have post polio syndrome. Geri-Fit is far better than swimming and more thoroughly incorporates all body muscles in my workouts. I'm amazed at the improvement I've gained in 4 months."

"The low couch that I have to sit on while visiting my relatives during Thanksgiving isn't so low anymore. I can get up and down easily whereas before I started Geri-Fit, I needed help getting up. Not anymore!"

"I have doing Geri-Fit for at least 15 years. Couldn't do without it."

"I have osteoarthritis and my doctor told me I'd be in far worse shape if I wasn't doing Geri-Fit."

"The time has come, in my opinion, for such an integration if we are really interested in the optimal "fitness" or "health" of the senior. Every article I have recently seen in the Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, and Mayo health newsletters I receive stress the kind of exercises advocated and pioneered through the Geri-FitŪ program. Thus, as I have come to experience the benefits of the Geri-Fit program in terms of addressing my own maladies such as diabetes, arthritis, muscle weakness, neuropathy, and high blood pressure, I see the Geri-Fit exercise program as providing an integrative element into senior wellness. Even if the Geri-Fit program cannot always eradicate, it can alleviate. Perhaps it cannot always cure, but it can help counteract.
And just as the Geri-Fit program serves as one exciting and successful integrative element in achieving optimal senior physical health, so can it be a key player in advocating "total senior fitness" which includes not only physical fitness but also intellectual, social and spiritual fitness."

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