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When was the Geri-Fit program developed?
The Geri-FitŪ program has been offered throughout the United States for over two decades. It was developed in 1989 by the company's founder, Francesca Fisher, and then thoroughly researched and tested before it was launched to the public in 1992. With the help of noted geriatrician Dr. Martin J. Gorbien, and a team of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, a gerokinesiologist and other health and fitness professionals, it was fine-tuned and perfected into the program as it is known today.

Geri-Fit was first tested at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 1993 and was included in a falls and balance study conducted at the hospital. Later on, the Akron General Medical Center, directed by Jim Stilson, adopted the program and tested it on their senior group. In 2011, the University of Texas Arlington included Geri-Fit exercises in their study which later became published. The results showed that senior adults definitely got stronger over a 15-week period!

At some of our fledgling locations in Ohio, many of our original Geri-Fit clients are still exercising with us today – now 20+ years later -- and enjoying life in their 80's and 90's! It is the company's goal to get the Geri-Fit exercise program offered at every senior center throughout the United States so that seniors everywhere can begin to feel young again and live their lives to the fullest.

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