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We offer several types of online courses both accredited and non-accredited certificate courses. To view the complete course, click on the purple title and you'll be taken to the long description page.

Online training offers a convenient way to get your training and CE credit hours by allowing you to log-in and learn at your own pace and time schedule! The Geri-Fit Company offers accredited online distance learning courses and continuing education programs for group fitness instructors, lifestyle coaches, personal trainers, lay leaders, in-home health aides, caregivers and other healthcare professionals. Most courses are approved by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP), and the California Department of Social Services (for RCFEs).

All online courses are open to anyone that wants to learn strength training and stretches for the older adult population: 

Caregiver Strength Training Course:  A short 6-hour non-accredited certificate course to provide you with  exercise guidance when working with your loved one or client.  The same evidence-based strength training exercises that are used in the Geri-Fit program are offered in this condensed course.  Pre-requisites: none.

Geri-Fit National Instructor Training Program:  This accredited online course is only available to licensed instructors or pre-approved instructors that will be teaching at licensed facilities. If you have been selected by a licensed site to take the Geri-Fit National Instructor Training Program, you must first register on our site before being given access to the online content. There is no charge for this training.   

Advanced Strength Training Techniques for Older Adults:  An accredited advanced strength training course suggested for pre-certified fitness instructors and personal fitness trainers.  Learn proprioception exercises for fall prevention and balance training as well as advanced strength training exercises that are performed on the floor.  Requires a video-taped practical exam and an 80 question written test for CEU / CEC recordation (the tests are optional if no CEUs are required). Approved by ACE, NSCA, and NCCAP for 2.0 CECs, CEUs, and Contact Hours.  Pre-requisites:  none.

Advanced Strength Training for Older Adults: (for RCFEs only)  An accredited training course for California licensed Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly that require continuing education for ongoing licensure requirements. Strength training, fall prevention and balance training exercises are explained and demonstrated during this 6-hour course. Videos depicting older adults exercising with weights will enhance the learning experience.  Interactive quizzes are given throughout the online course to assure content delivery.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end for State recording purposes.  Pre-requisites:  California licensed RCFEs only.

Geri-Flex® Stretch Training Course:  A two hour non-accredited course that teaches how to safely stretch the entire body while seated in a chair, bed or the floor. The stretches that are demonstrated are ideal for chronic pain management, back pain or for anyone that needs to limber up. The content may be used for in-home caregiving or home health services to help older adults regain lost range of motion, release frozen shoulder syndrome and increase flexibility.  Requires the user to complete the online course within two hours after logging in. There is no test.  A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end.  Pre-requisites:  none.

Golf-Fit® Strength Training Course:  The first online course to help golfers improve their game by learning strength training exercises and stretches that are sport-specific to golf. Requires the user to complete the online course within two hours after logging in. No test. A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end. Pre-requisites:  A desire to improve your golf game!


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