Strength Training Workouts That Work!       

Geri-Fit® - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Geri-Flex® Training Course + License

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Includes the license and the instructional method of delivering evidence-based stretches for increased range of motion

This two hour online course will provide you with foundational training for stretches that can be used for mobility training and increased range-of-motion. The stretches are ideal for fitness instructors PTs, and home health aides that are working with older clients that need to improve their range of motion or need to stretch for pain management. This is a non-accredited Certificate Course only. No test!

Requires two hours of online training to be completed all at once. Online enrollment is open to anyone that wants to learn stretches designed for the older adult population.

The training fee also includes a perpetual license which will allow the person that's taking the Geri-Flex training to teach a live Geri-Flex class. No annual renewal is required for this license!

Please allow 48 hours for course activation from date of purchase. You will receive an email with login and password info. There are no refunds for online courses.