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Geri-Fit license for facilities that offer group exercise programs for seniors

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Geri-Fit® is the perfect group strength training exercise program for senior centers, YMCAs, retirement communities, physical therapy clinics, health clubs and gyms, wellness centers, yoga studios, in-home healthcare agencies and other facilities that want to offer tier III (highest level), evidence-based health promotion programs.  No equipment is needed other than a set of light dumbbell weights ranging in size from 2 to 5-pounds and sturdy chairs. Facilities typically have dumbbell weights available for the participants to use, or the participants can bring their own weights to class.

Licensing affords your facility the ability to offer a tried and proven, evidence-based strength training exercise program that's been thoroughly tested and used for over 20 years. This turnkey approach provides you with a step-by-step workout format and takes all the guesswork out of creating a safe and effective exercise program from scratch. Here's why you should offer only evidence-based programs (when you are on that page, scroll to the very bottom and you'll see a link to the chart of all the evidence-based (EB) programs including Geri-Fit which is featured on pages 8 & 9).

As a Geri-Fit facility licensee, you'll also receive:

  • Use of the Geri-Fit® logo to distinguish branding, quality and name recognition
  • The Geri-Fit® group exercise program workouts and Geri-Fit® Private Lessons workouts
  • Access to our special online training portal so that your instructors can get properly trained and certified to teach Geri-Fit
  • Logos and marketing materials to help you advertise your Geri-Fit® exercise classes
  • Class handouts and other useful literature
  • Free online support to help answer questions you may have after you purchase the license  
  • Ability to become a hosting site for Medicare "Silver plans" so that seniors can take classes for free or at a very low cost (optional for retirement communities)
  • A free link on our website which has your contact information for Geri-Fit® classes held at your facility

License fees are a one-time fee of $2500 which includes training and certification for two instructors of your choosing. After the first year, there is an annual license renewal fee of $150 for each facility where Geri-Fit classes are held. There are no other fees, royalties or hidden costs. We also offer discounted license fees for facilities with 10 or more locations.

Read some of these Letters of Reference where Geri-Fit has been in place for 15+ years:  North Olmsted, Streetsboro and Kirtland.  Here is a recent November, 2016 survey showing the measurable long term benefits from Geri-Fit.  Here’s what some participants say about the Geri-Fit program. See the top of page 2 from this recent senior center’s newsletter

Title IIID Older Americans' Act (OAA) federal funding for Tier III evidence-based health promotion programs is available for facilities that qualify, especially senior centers and Area Agencies on Aging that are interested in implementing evidence-based health promotion programs or falls prevention programs. Title IIID (Older Americans Act) federal funding can be spent on programs that meet the highest level criteria, like Geri-Fit. For more information on the programs that have undergone the review process and achieved the highest level (tier III), visit the National Council on Aging's website and download the Cost Chart of all the approved evidence-based programs. Geri-Fit is listed on pages 8 and 9.  View this short power point presentation for more information on how your senior center, 50+ Center, or Intergenerational Center can qualify to purchase the Geri-Fit program license through OAA federal funding. Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Interested in learning how Geri-Fit can improve balance and help prevent falls?  View this flier on how to get your balance tested before beginning any exercise program. 

Here's what people are saying about Geri-Fit:

For additional questions regarding a Geri-Fit Facility License, Click Here to review the FAQ from our HELP desk.

Find out how you can make a difference in your community by offering the Geri-Fit® exercise program for older adults. Contact us for a formal quote by filling out this no obligation Online License Application. Please allow up to 48-hours for a Geri-Fit representative to contact you.


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