Strength Training Workouts That Work!       

Geri-FitŪ - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Golf-FitŪ Strength Training Instructional DVD

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The first DVD that actually improves your golf game by targeting those golf muscles!

Strength training is the fastest way to engage specific golf-related muscles to perform better. It's not the strength in your arms that make the ball go farther; it's the strength in the hips and the rotational weight shift that make that ball go straight. Golf-FitŪ is a one hour strength training educational DVD that will teach you how to do the strength training exercises designed to improve your golf game. Watch and learn these exercises using one or more sets of dumbbells ranging in weight from 3 to 10 pounds and a towel or exercise mat. If you have a weight bench or step platform, this will be helpful in order to get a full range of motion for the chest and abdominal exercises, however, it's not a required piece of equipment. You'll still benefit just doing the exercises on a flat surface like a floor.

Suggested for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Even if you're new to golf or have been playing for years, you will benefit from doing these exercises.

This DVD will demonstrate 60 strength training exercises that are golf specific. 10 repetitions are performed for each exercise so that you can fully learn how to do them and watch the tempo of the repetitions. Exceptional cueing and training tips are included.