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Advanced Strength Training Techniques [Online Training at Geri-Fit University-Home Study Courses for your Continued Education]

Dates: 3/26/14-8/15/2014, Mon. 7:00-7:00PM

Price: $625.00

Class Description: This online continuing education program is ideal for instructors, facilitators, and caregivers that are working or plan to work with older adults in either a group class setting or one-on-one. The course content is especially suitable for clients that have special medical conditions and chronic diseases.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to:
• Understand the application of various types of strength training techniques for the older population.
• Implement special modifications for joint replacement or handicapped conditions.
• Identify when to substitute and modify a strength training exercise based on physical limitations or joint replacement.
• Learn exercises that can help older adults with Parkinson's Disease, stroke victims, and those afflicted with chronic pain.
• Learn how to effectively demonstrate and describe how strength training exercises should be performed by older adults and in ways older adults will be able to understand.
• Acquire state-of-the-art personal training skills needed to effectively administer strength training exercise programs for the older population.

Over 80 different strength training exercises and 20 stretches will be taught and demonstrated online. These exercises are specifically designed for the needs of older adults that are ages 75 and over. Balance and gait exercises are included in the training as well as fall prevention techniques.

When you register for this course, you will be assigned a special log in and password that will provide access to our online training portal for one person. You will have three months from the date of registration in order to complete your training. Attendees must pass an in-person practical examination and an online written examination on the day the course is offered. Successful candidates will receive 2.0 CECs / CEUs and a Certificate of Completion for the course.

The training program fee is $325 and includes online access and other study materials that will be sent by U.S. mail. Prior review of the materials is required before attending the one day workshop.

This course is open to the public. There are no refunds once fees have been paid.

* Approved by ACE (American Council on Exercise) for 2.0 CECs.
** approved by NSCA for 2.0 CEUs.


Questions or to Register: 888-GERI-FIT x4