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On-site Corporate Fitness Application
1) What is the name of your company?
2) What is the physical address where the onsite fitness classes will be held?
3) In what room will the classes be held?
4) What days and time are you interested in offering a fitness class?
5) What is the exact date you would like to begin?
6) Are there any days we need to avoid when scheduling your classes?
7) How many employees are at your place of business?
8) Do you have any other branches in this area? If yes, how many total employees are at all branches including your corporate headquarters? Will you be making this program available to the employees of the other branches?
9) How do you plan to notify your employees that the onsite program will be offered? Check all that apply
Mention in employee handbook
Payroll Stuffer
Poster in kitchen or lunch room
Interoffice Communication
Wellness Fair
Email Announcement
10) How often will you be promoting this program to your employees?
Once a year
Twice a year
11) Who will be our contact person? Please provide the following:
Contact Name:
Contact Title:
Contact Address:
Contact City:
Contact State:
Contact Zip:
Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
Contact Email:
12) Additional Information:
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