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Geri-FitŪ - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Geri-Fit Online: Zoomer workout (intermediate level - online)

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Work out from home using your computer, tablet or cell phone!

This is an actual exercise class filmed with fitness expert Francesca Fisher and 15 of her older adult students performing the Geri-FitŪ evidence-based strength training workout. Rebuild strength, increase range of motion, and improve function of daily living with Geri-FitŪ. Each exercise is fully explained and demonstrated. Work out at your own pace. Accommodates all senior fitness levels as well as disabled and chair-bound participants. Most of the exercises will be performed seated in chairs. No floorwork. Requires a set of 2-pound dumbbells or heavier depending on your age and fitness level.

Running length: 47 minutes
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