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Geri-FitŪ - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Geri-Fit: Greatest Generation Workout DVD (advanced strength training for older adults - no floorwork) filmed in 2014

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Finally a workout recommended for ages 75 and over!

Filmed in 2014... Geri-Fit Master Trainer Francesca Fisher and four of her students ranging in age from 73 to 87 perform advanced Geri-FitŪ strength training exercises using dumbbells ranging in size from 2 and up to 8 pounds. This workout is ideal for older adults that want to regain strength that has been lost through the aging process so that functional capacity, range of motion, balance and gait improves. No choreography, dancing or floor work!

Participants should be very familiar with strength training exercises such as squats, dumbbell row, kickbacks, French press, overhead press and other advanced exercises and stretches. Modifications and substitute exercises will be shown throughout so that beginners, or those that are new to this type of training, can join in especially if they are unfamiliar with traditional exercises like squats.

Most of the exercises are performed seated in chairs, however, advanced participants have the option of doing the exercises standing if they prefer. Work out at your own pace and abilities. Filmed in high definition and suitable for a computer monitor or TV.

Here's what people are saying.....

"It's just like a class and it feels like the instructor is right here."

"I like it because there are different exercises that I can do besides the advanced ones, and I hope someday to get to that level."

"My goal is to get rid of my walker and I can already see an improvement."

"My golf game has really gotten better. I can hit the ball farther and more than I did 10 years ago."

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