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Geri-FitŪ - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Back-FitŪ with Pilates with Francesca Fisher (DVD)

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The First DVD that Combines Pilates, Physical Therapy Exercises and Strength Training ~~ all on one DVD.


Back-FitŪ with Pilates

Pilates and strength training come together in one DVD!

If you suffer from back problems, here's a workout to help you stay pain-free. It was designed by a physical therapist to help his patients achieve better mobility. It combines pilates core conditioning exercises during the first half, and a little bit of strength training during the second half. There are no lunges or squats in this workout, so it makes it ideal for those who suffer from knee pain but cannot do knee-bending exercises. Ballet Leg Raises are used to work the quads and hamstrings and you can hold onto a chair or wall for support while doing them, if needed. Copyright 1999.