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Geri-FitŪ - Strength Training Workouts that Work!

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Geri-Fit workout for older adults on VHS

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Don't get older, get stronger in this medically-approved strength training VHS workout tape for older adults.

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The First Workout DVD with Weights for Older Adults

Do you find yourself saying, "I'm not as young as I used to be?" Don't you really mean, "I'm not as strong as I used to be?"

Don't get older, get stronger in this medically-approved strength training workout for older adults. This workout tape is ideal for any person that thinks they are aging and can't do the things they used to do (like run). It isn't recommended for any specific age, but many of our customers that buy this workout VHS tape are baby boomers age 55 and over. Many of our customers also buy this product for their parents. If you have an elderly friend, parent or grandparent that is losing strength and flexibility because of aging, or has arthritis or osteoporosis, this would make an ideal gift.

Francesca Fisher and four of her students perform this 47 minute workout. All that is required is a chair and a set of 2-pound dumbbell weights. You might also want to use an exercise mat or towel for the exercises that are performed on the floor.

The first workout with weights for older adults was developed with the help of geriatrician, Dr. Martin J. Gorbien, formerly of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This VHS tape features fitness expert Francesca Fisher and four of her students ranging in age from 50 to 72. Prior to moving to California in 2008, Ms. Fisher's exercise programs were offered at more than 150 locations in Ohio. She was chosen as one of the Top 10 women-owned businesses in northeast Ohio. This is one of several videos and DVD's she has starred in and produced.

This workout requires just a set of 2-pound (each) dumbbells, a towel or Stretch Band, and an exercise mat or carpeted area. The exercises may be performed seated in a chair, if needed. Even if you are disabled, handicapped, or confined to a wheelchair, this workout can still be performed.

If you have more than 50 pounds to lose, this workout will at least get you moving so that you burn calories more effectively. Your clothes will soon fit looser in no time. Stick with it until you are ready to graduate to the next level, Weights IŪ - a beginner's strength training workout.

If you have not exercised in years, or have been injured either through a fall or car accident, this workout tape is recommended for those just starting back, or those that have been released from physical therapy and need to start back slowly into an exercise program. We always recommend to work out at your own pace and try to keep up. Since chairs are used, feel free to sit out a set or two until you have built back enough strength and endurance to join back in.

There is absolutely no aerobics or dance choreography to learn. Superimposed graphics will explain and depict how each exercise is performed before it is actually performed on the tape. You'll appreciate the filmed-at-one-time-setting so that when you see that we can do it, you'll know that YOU can do it.

For best results, perform this workout until you have built up enough strength to graduate to using one or more of our other strength training fitness workout DVD's. We offer stretching workouts, pilates and other body part workouts.

So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time to turn back the hands of time? Get with the program... Geri-FitŪ - strength training workouts done with dumbbell weights... the easy way to get in and stay in shape forever!