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WeightsŪ II (intermediate) with Francesca Fisher (DVD)

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The Classic Strength Training Workout lead by Francesca Fisher. Requires a set of 3 to 5-pound dumbbells.

WeightsŪ II

the Intermediate Workout with Weights

Shape your muscles and help prevent osteoporosis... all at the same time!

Fitness expert Francesca Fisher leads this one hour workout with dumbbell weights. This energizing workout will keep you wanting to exercise again and again. When faithfully done twice-a-week for one hour each time, you can expect to see an improvement in just a matter of weeks. For optimum results, do the workout three times-a-week.

If you are familiar with strength training, you are able to adjust and increase the intensity by either lessening the resting time between sets or increasing the amount of weights you use. Conversely, you can decrease the intensity by doing less repetitions or using lighter weights, or just sit out a set or two. Gentle reminders are mentioned throughout the workout to help keep your excellent form. Features soft piano music in the background.

Suggested for men and women who are at intermediate to advanced fitness levels. If you have not worked out with weights before, we suggest purchasing Weights I first which will go over the fundamentals of strength training so that you will be familiar with the exercises that are in Weights II.

This DVD was way ahead of its time when it was first introduced in 1992, however, it remains a top seller. It's been given an A+ rating on