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Is the Geri-Fit program approved for remote delivery?
Yes! Geri-Fit Online is ideal for organizations that are interested in delivering an evidence-based program to home-bound participants. The same Geri-Fit lesson plans have been converted to a digitally-streamed workout format. It's like being in an actual Geri-Fit class! Special care and detailed instructions are provided so that even new Geri-Fit participants will be able to safely follow along during the Geri-Fit strength training exercise class. Once an account is created on, the user can log in and exercise to Geri-Fit any time they want. Geri-Fit Online workouts can also be screen-shared for Zoom meetings! Contact us for more information.

Here are some helpful links for more information:

Evidence-based programs that are approved for remote delivery (see page 4 of this study): Study on Remote-delivered EBHP programs

NCOA's approved list of remote-delivered EBHP programs (scroll halfway down to find Geri-Fit): Approved List of Remote-delivered programs

Geri-Fit program (specifically): NCOA's List of EBHP programs

Recent 2022 published study for Geri-Fit virtual delivery: Geri-Fit Virtual Fitness

View this link for the entire study conducted by Dr. Noah Lenstra

All evidence-based programs: Tier III health promotion programs

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