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Is Geri-Fit different than Silver Sneakers?
Silver Sneakers is an excellent group exercise program for seniors but it's taught much differently than Geri-Fit. In the Geri-Fit program, you'll find that it is not a "follow-the-leader" type of exercise class, so you'll seldom see the instructor working out with you. Instead, the instructor will be walking around the room and providing one-to-one instruction in the group setting.

He/she is the "demonstrator", the trainer, and the educator. This assures each student of learning the strength training exercises correctly so that they will derive the maximum benefits that the class offers. In essence, Geri-Fit is like getting a personal fitness trainer but at a very affordable cost.

There are no aerobics involved in the Geri-Fit program. Geri-Fit is strictly strength training, balance training, and flexibility training that's done without music or equipment. Most of the exercises will be done seated in the chair, however, you will have the option to do them standing if you prefer.

Additionally, because there's no dancing or choreography to learn, or balls or equipment used, Geri-Fit is ideal for those that are looking for something a little more low-key or for those that are unstable on their feet or don't have good balance. All of the strength training exercises are easy-to-learn and very effective at building back strength that's been lost in the aging process. Geri-Fit is safe, very effective, and fun to do!

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